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Soccer is a very popular sport in Argentina. It is the way to attract the attention of the children, and their families, who might want to join the activities carried out in every neighborhood. Besides, playing games enhances learning, helps conveying values, establishes interpersonal relationships, and teaches us how to respect others and ourselves. We work within a professional and academic framework: many of our professors are trained in Ciencias del Deporte (Sports Science) at Universidad Austral (Austral University). Our foundation is sponsored by famous soccer players, such as former athlete Rolando “El Flaco” Schiavi.  

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Our foundation has signed a contract with and is supported by one of the most renowned private institutions in terms of health and education: the Hospital Universitario Austral (Austral University Hospital), which belongs to the Universidad Austral. Together with a team of professionals and advanced students, we work in establishing psychological programs that help support and develop boys and girl’s full potential, while having their parent’s backing. The project is led by Sebastián Blasco, a well-known sports psychologist and former member of both the psychosocial department inside top division soccer club Racing and Argentina’s national U-17 soccer staff from 2017.


Besides, a special and innovative platform was created to allow anyone, despite where they are and without leaving their homes, to volunteer as tutor and serve children’s needs.

Their education can’t wait, we need your help.

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An ad hoc program was created in which advanced Psychology students at the Universidad Austral help to provide children from vulnerable neighborhoods with tutoring and counseling in order to anticipate their needs and offer support, preventing school dropouts. The project’s goal is to provide teenagers between ages 12 and 15 who come to our foundation with a tutoring system that helps create a net of support to help them finish or continue their education, preventing school dropouts. Apart from counseling, they also receive tutor training to create more assistance, which in turn gets them more involved in the community, making it self-manageable.

Public Policies


We believe it is possible to have a deep understanding of Argentina’s needs through the data we have collected through research, which helps us work towards new public policies that respond to real life issues. We want to collect useful evidence to develop functional public policies and seek efficient solutions. We want to translate and expand the projects who have demonstrated to have successful results in making a fundamental, systemic change in public policies, thus reaching boys and girls from all over Argentina.

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